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"I wonder if you would allow me to translate a few of your articles and publish them on my website for ministers. I love your texts. I have listened to all your messages you gave me and think they are life and ministry changing. It would be great, for example, to publish in Polish your email articles on goal setting.

Andrzej Mytch
Instytut Rozwoju

"We have worked with David Robinson, Sr., for a number of years in the RV Industry. In all our dealings with him, we have found him to be honest and trustworthy. Mr. Robinson took over a troubled dealership and has worked hard to turn things around, and in the process, he has lived up to every agreement made with us." "Not only is David Robinson, Sr. a man of integrity, but he is also a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of business undertaking."

Kay L. Toolson, Chief Executive
Monaco Coach Corporation
Coburg, OR

"I have known David Robinson for 5 to 6 years, since the time he along with minority investors, purchased an RV (reacreational vehicle) dealership in Illinois. This dealership had failed under the previous owners and faced dual challenges of a less than optimal business location and product mix. Nontheless, David worked hard to create a viable business, which continues to operate to this day." ....I consider him to be a man of honor and high personal integrity........I always found David to be accessible, frank, direct, and open in our discussions. He always conveyed a strong sense of wanting to conduct his relationships (whether with customers or business associates) in an ethical manner. I grew to respect him very much and was sorry to see him sell his ownership in the business."

James R. Hamel, Vice President - Operations
GE Commercial Finance/Home & Recreational Vehicle Group
Tempe, AZ

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with David Robinson, personally as well as in his ministerial role, for several years. He is a great leader among leaders and is helping many pastors and church leaders to achieve the next level in every area. David is an absolute expert in "coaching" those who are already in leadership positions. The fruit of his ministry and impartation into local churches is tremendous -- absolutely some of the best!"

Mark T. Barclay, Rev., Ph.D.
President, CEO, Mark Barclay Ministries.
Senior Pastor, Living Word Church

"I have known David Robinson Sr. for the past 20 years and have found him to be a man of utmost integrity. I have personally been affected by the powerful ability in providing leadership to churches and ministries. I have recently taken leadership as the Senior Pastor of the Full Gospel Fellowship Church in Eaton, Ohio. David was called upon for his leadership during the transition. After meeting with the Executive Board, he presented a transition plan that we followed. At the end of the transition period, the church NEVER LOST A SINGLE FAMILY, but increased in numbers. If you are interested in a man who has been empowered by God to serve in this capacity, I highly recommend David Robinson Sr. for any church or business."

Kenneth E. Harbaum, Pastor
Full Gospel Temple, Eaton OH
Lightenings of God Ministry International

I have had the privilege of working closely with David Robinson for the past eighteen months. Brother Robinson is passionate about coaching pastors and their leadership teams to accomplish their God-given vision. In 2009, we merged the two churches that I pastored and relocated them to another city. Brother Robinson coached us during that transition. We were successful at keeping every family through the merger and the move. Brother Robinson is a man of great integrity, honesty, and focus. I would highly recommend him as a coach and speaker to any pastor or ministry. My only regret is that I didn't know him when I started in the ministry 20 years ago.

Pastor Charles D. Moore
Tree of Live Ministries
Marion, IN

"David Robinson, Sr. in my opinion, is one of God's Generals in the Army of the Lord....Dave is very strong in training leadership people in the local church....He is a Godly man...a man of integrity...He is my personal pastor. My wife, Mary, and I love him very much. We appreciate all he has done for us.... I would highly recommend him to any church, ministry or pastor."

Dr. Raymond E. Rothwell, President
Leadership Mentoring Ministries
Eaton, OH

"David Robinson, Sr. is an encouragement to ministers all over the world. It has been my priviledge to work with him in the development of the Missions Department of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International. His heart is for the Kingdom and his desire to see others' ministries reach success and excellence is evident in all that he does. David will be a great blessing to any church, ministry or group of leaders."

David Parish
World Missions Director/Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches
and Ministers International

"Having known Dave Robinson for 25 years, and during this time have served in the same geographical area in the ministry, have served together on Boards and Committees and shared ministry opportunities together, I am happy to recommend Dave for his commitment to the Cause, his perseverance and dedication to the call of God on His life, and his tenacity to stand for truth and lead others in the ministry of the Church. God has used this Brother in Christ in many ways to further the Lord's work and I count it a privilege to have been associated with him in the ministry throught the years."

Pastor Daryl Merrill, Sr., M.A., Ph.D.
Christian Life Church, Sr. Executive Pastor
Christian Life College, Chancellor
Full Gospel Fellowship, Regional and International Board Member

"I served with Pastor David Robinson for 9 years in ministry in a Chicago church. While there, Dave was instrumental in coaching me in areas of outreach, ministry management, ministry development, and personal development. Dave gave me me varied opportunities to develop my skills and I was able to return the favor by supporting Dave in his vision and commitment to build a church that transitioned from an ethnic church into a multi-cultural ministry center that is still impacting the neighborhood and the world today. Dave is the ideal man to coach other ministers in the area of leadership and ministry skills."

Pastor Fred Joob, Associate Pastor
Christian Life Church
Mt. Prospect, IL

"Thanks for your encouragement and great leadership. We have been truly blessed by your ministry. You can't believe how much you helped us......We are looking forward to the next 24 months here working with your help....."

Pastors Steve & Karina Maile
PO Box 2198
Watford, England

"I am very grateful to you, Dave, for the time you gave to come alongside us here at ALIVE GLOBAL with your special "Coaching4Ministers" gift. I know the ministry will benefit greatly from your insights.....My deep appreciation for your visit and the encouragement it brought to us all. I do know it will bear much fruit in the coming days."

Nita Edwards
International Director
Asia Alive Global

"My wife and I have known David Robinson, Sr. for the past sixteen years and have become very close friends...He is a seasoned minister....and has a special gift for "turning things around" and getting them going in the right direction....He is a man of integrity and has a heart to serve the body of Christ....I would highly recommend him to any church or organization seeking to hone their leadership skills and better equip themselves for ministry."

M.P. Panich, Pastor
Cornerstone Family Worship Center - Livonia, MI

"I met David Robinson thirty-six years ago in college. In those thirty-six years, we have worked together in the construction business, music ministry and U.S. urban missions. More than that, we have enjoyed thirty-six years of genuine friendship. Dave has an incredible mind for organization, ability to communicate and passion for God's work. He will be a blessing to your ministry or organization in whatever capacity you use him."

Tim L. Thomas, Director,
City Limits Ministries, Chicago, IL

"It is a great honor and privilege to have known Dave Robinson Sr. for the past 20 plus years. Without hesitation or reservation, my wife, Sandy, and I can truthfully say that Dave is a man of God, a faithful husband and father, and is a lover of mankind...We have known Dave as a tremendous, dedicated pastor, leader and businessman, but we know him best as a true friend and mentor.....Dave has been a mentoring spiritual father who taught us much and a true friend who helped us get through a few of the toughest times in our lives and ministry, much at his own expense...Words are not adequate to express our deepest appreciation and respect for this great man of God."

Sr. Chaplains, Russ & Sandy Hosey
International Fellowship of Chaplains
Carolinas Community
Chaplain Corps - Charlotte, NC

"I have known David Robinson for many years as a friend and mentor. His insights have been a great help to me as a pastor. I have pastored for 25 years and can honestly say that I have never seen a time of greater challenge for the church and its leaders. We need a man like Dave Robinson to get through these times."

Pastor Travis Bussey
The Lighthouse Church
Thorsby, AL

"It is an honor and privilege to know David Robinson. I have only known him for a short time through "The Fellowship" and I saw his leadership qualities right away. He truly is a man of commitment and integrity. He has a passion for the lost and committed to bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth."

Joan Sisk
Intl. Director,
The Fellowship

"We here at Oasis Christian Center were introduced to Brother Dave Robinson through a mission conference. We invited him to our church to speak at a Sunday morning service. He is the kind of minister that will cause a pastor to invite him back. He has favor with the pastor and favor with the congregation because it is apparent that the grace of the Lord is upon him. We recommend both he and his wonderful help mate, Marie, to anyone who needs a stable voice in these last days as we await the return of our Lord.

Pastor Larry Starnes
Oasis Christian Center
Paducah, KY

I just want to say a huge THANKS to you for meeting with Jody and I the other evening! It was a huge blessing for us for sure!

Rev. John Mills
Wildfire Ministry and Prayer Center

Lansing, Michigan

David currently serves as a leadership and management Coach for leaders in churches, organizations and the marketplace. He travels over 200 days per year in the USA and overseas helping leaders see their vision become a reality.

Call: 847.417.8234


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"David is an absolute expert in coaching those who are already in leadership positions. The fruit of his ministry and impartation into local churches is tremendous -- absolutely the best!..."

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